Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Matt, Ben, and Mike

Hi everyone,

Well, with Doug's instructions sent out, my last excuse for not blogging really is gone, isn't it? (Well, frankly, I should have done it before now anyway, since Google offered me a tutorial when I signed up, but I didn't do it.) I though I would share some pics from this past weekend, when Ben and Mike and I attended the D&D Experience, a gaming convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana, about 2 hours drive southeast of South Bend. Amy stayed home in a blissfully quiet home, while I stayed in a hotel room with siblings trying to outdo one another even in their sleep, as they competed for loudest snores. The convention had lots of roleplaying and "minis" gaming (using plastic figures of monsters that battle on the tabletop, a game we've been playing for a couple of years). The highlight of the weekend came when we got to playtest a roleplaying module for a company called Goodman Games. Mike blundered down a dark corridor, fell in a pit, and was nearly fried by a firebelching,mobile plant creature. The DM decided he might need to change that part of the module. He plans to put our names in the published module as playtesters, much to the boys' delight. In the pic below, Ben is in the white sweatshirt.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Country Heard From!

Way to go, Lisa! The preceding post (scroll down for earlier content--it's the opposite of print) represents the first contribution from a family member located East of the Mississippi! Now, let's add to that diversity with a little more news! Birmingham? South Bend? Massillon? Cleveland? Hanover? Naples? Elsewhere in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area (which would include, say, the Central West End and certain communities in Illinois?)

For the edification of all, here's a photograph of some petroglyphs in Utah. They're about a thousand years old. Probably pecked into the stone to assure a successful hunt. Looks like it's big horned sheep for dinner! (Upper right.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

News From the Mount Vernon Schotts!

Dear Family,

As an expression of my gratitude to you for undertaking this thoughtful, loving blogsite for us'n Dowds, Doug, I thought I'd try my first ever blog post. Looks like the photo is working...we'll see how it goes... I'll be brief on this first foray. The Mount Vernon Schotts are pictured in front of theTetons in Wyoming where we visited Lee (second from right) this past summer. He spent his second summer working at Signal Mountain Lodge in the park. Steven (second from left as you probably figured out!) had his summer off from teaching in N. Carolina and was able to join us which was a great treat for us since it's rare when we can all be together these days. Steven will complete his Teach for America experience in June and then plans to attend law school. He's just started hearing on his apps. Lee graduates from OWU in May and then who knows?! Stu and I are well and send you all warmest wishes for a grand 2009. Love, Lisa