Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Matt, Ben, and Mike

Hi everyone,

Well, with Doug's instructions sent out, my last excuse for not blogging really is gone, isn't it? (Well, frankly, I should have done it before now anyway, since Google offered me a tutorial when I signed up, but I didn't do it.) I though I would share some pics from this past weekend, when Ben and Mike and I attended the D&D Experience, a gaming convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana, about 2 hours drive southeast of South Bend. Amy stayed home in a blissfully quiet home, while I stayed in a hotel room with siblings trying to outdo one another even in their sleep, as they competed for loudest snores. The convention had lots of roleplaying and "minis" gaming (using plastic figures of monsters that battle on the tabletop, a game we've been playing for a couple of years). The highlight of the weekend came when we got to playtest a roleplaying module for a company called Goodman Games. Mike blundered down a dark corridor, fell in a pit, and was nearly fried by a firebelching,mobile plant creature. The DM decided he might need to change that part of the module. He plans to put our names in the published module as playtesters, much to the boys' delight. In the pic below, Ben is in the white sweatshirt.

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